July 1, 2011

We Miss That Era

Found this article last Sunday.

Don't you think the title's kinda mean? Well, that's the truth, and truth hurts. I think the world needs to find the new men's single players. I mean, let's see BWF world rank. 1. Lee Chong Wei. 2. Lin Dan. 3. Taufik Hidayat. 4. Peter Gade. They're always on the top rank years by years with random position but the nomination is always those 4 (Chong Wei is always on the 1 rank of course. Go Chong Wei)! Like there is no new players are great enough to defeat them. We need the regeneration!
Click this website to know what is 1 of the top rank opinion about men's single regeneration.
EVEN, I heard someone has ever said that sometimes Lin Dan make a scenario saying that he got an injury everytime he faced juniors from China with the goal to make his juniors can continue the match and beat another opponents. I don't know is it true or just a rumor, but no wonder if he did such a thing cause the top ranks (of course it's including him) are so damn good, and I think juniors still have a weak mental. You know. That It's-Impossible-I-Could-Defeat-Him/Her-Cause-Everybody-Knows-That-He/She-is-So-Damn-Good thoughts.

So, Good Luck Indonesia! Best wishes for Indonesia and Indonesia's badminton athletes will always come from me! 

photos from: republica

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