February 12, 2012

My First Japan Fair

Here it comes, my story about my first Japan Fair.

It was held at Unsada, stands for Universitas Darma Persada, Jakarta.
My very first Japan Fair.

The first reason why I wanted to go to this event is because my japanese teacher (we're gonna call him Sensei) told my class if we go to this event, and meet him there, we could get higher score or something.. :/ (I'm a student, hey... I still want a higher score-_-)
But the main reason is because I want to eat japanese food X-D

I went there with my friend named Putri (because our house is close enough to each other), with public transportation of course.

When we arrived at the gate of this university, we suddenly felt a bit nervous...
"So, where's the fair?"
"Moreover, where's the crowd?"
We even entered the university from the 'out' portal.

But finally, we found the crowd. Or maybe the stands.

Putri and I tried to find anybody that we known. Cause we looked like uncool kids who lost.
Felt a bit hungry, Putri and I decided to eat something. I chose okonomiyaki and Putri chose takoyaki.
"Why... you eat that, Put?"
"We could eat takoyaki at school, y'know. "
"I know THIS takoyaki must tastes different."

Then, we went round and round, looking for someone we know, before we decided to go to the Auditorium. And we found our friends there. Shinta, Alya, and Satvika. They have already finished doing the 'role play contest' when we entered the auditorium. Putri and I felt a bit sad realizing that we couldn't see them doing the role play, but our smile was doing the opposite. We found Sensei! Yes, Score! Ha-ha.

The auditorium was cold that Putri and I enjoyed being there. 
When we were relaxing, the committee set up the chairs. Sensei told us to sat on that chair.

Knowing nothing, Putri and I sat on the chairs that set up by the committee.

Some japanese girls then gave us sponge cake. 
And the japanese showed us the 'tea ceremony' in Japan.
The Japanese then gave audience the tea. I got it too. Its color is green. And it has no taste (I guess). But it did have smell. I love the smell <3^^
By the other's face, I could see they dislike it, but I don't know why, Putri and I love the tea ~_~

But after tasting the tea, Putri and I suddenly miss something sweet..
We decided to buy Teh Poci ._. Tehnya Indonesia. hahaha.

Outside the auditorium, we met Shinta and Alya again. This time with Reina, not Satvika. She's already gone home. 

13.00 o'clock, Shinta, Alya, Putri, and I went back to the auditorium. We wanted to see Reina's speech. You know, supiichikontesuto.

Reina was so damn good! Her speech was about SOPA&PIPA. She spoke really quickly. I didn't even understand what was she saying!! But the juries of course did understand. The jury asked something I could reply with my 'whaddayamean' face but Reina answered it right! Cool Reina! 

Hmmm.. then then then,. Putri and I ate lunch (she ate katsu and I ate something..hm. what's da name? Oh, Curry Rice).

After eating lunch, Putri dragged me to the 'KPop stand'. And she stared A LOT at every KyuHyun and Siwon's pictures=_= Me? Well, I actually know a bit about KPop but I'm not addicted to Super Junior and Kyuhyun or Siwon.
She was confused to choose lots of things with Kyuhyun's picture on it, and finally decided to buy a notebook with Kyuhyun's face........

About 16:00 o'clock, there was an announcement for the winner of the contests.
For Manga, Catherine, my friend at high school won the 1st place!! Congrats, buddy!
For Role Play, Shinta, Alya, and Satvika won the 1st place too!! Omg so proud!
And for the speech contest. Reina won the 2nd place! Cool!!

And I ended up being satisfied by the Japan Fair.
I'm so glad I went there~

Oh yeah, I bought phone chains with Putri!

Left-Right = Me, Shinta, Putri, Catherine, Alya

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